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All independent units must provide proof of liability insurance filed with the TMA before they will be allowed to compete in a TMA contest. Scholastic units must provide Scholastic Eligibility letters. Please e-mail or mail this information to the Tristate Marching Arts to the address listed on the bottom of this form.

The signature below and the submission of dues indicate that, if accepted, this unit will abide by the constitution, by-laws and policies of the Tristate Marching Arts. All dues are non-refundable except as outlined by the Tristate Marching Arts policy manual.

It is also understood by the management of this unit that it will take full responsibility for any damage, vandalism and/or misconduct at the contest site by members, staff or volunteers of said unit; and it shall be the responsibility of said unit and not the Tristate Marching Arts, for such damage, vandalism, or misconduct regardless whether said organization or its members are competing or simply in attendance at that show.

Photographs taken by the staff or media may be used for Tristate Marching Arts publicity. Images may be used in media, Tristate Marching Arts publicity or on the Tristate Marching Arts website. Please notify the TMA office if you want to exclude your unit from the use of images

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This signature must be that of the individual "signing" this document electronically or be made with the full knowledge and permission of the individual; otherwise the unit may not be accepted for membership.

Membership forms and fees should be mailed to:
TriState Marching Arts
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or paid online at


If your unit has an active surety bond with the TMA, then only the member dues are required. If you have any questions regarding your unit's surety bond, please contact the TMA office.

We understand that TriState Marching Arts (TMA) requires all participating groups to adhere to the Code of Conduct guidelines outlined in the WGI handbook as well as comply with copyright laws regarding performance. By checking this box in the required portion of the registration process, you are acknowledging that you have read and understand both of those requirements. If a code of conduct or copyright violation is found to exist disqualification may occur. Please see the TMA policy manual for additional information and resource material.


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